Our goal is to be a leading pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of products that utilize our microparticle delivery technology. We are actively seeking strategic alliances to help drive our business forward.

We are interested in mutually beneficial partnerships to complement or enhance our capabilities in development, manufacturing and commercialization of multiple product candidates in a broad number of therapeutic spaces. We are also interested in engaging with partners who may benefit from our microparticle delivery technology as they develop product candidates in CNS and other therapeutic areas.

Full-Range Manufacturing Capabilities

Neos Therapeutics maintains a cGMP/DEA-registered manufacturing facility with significant available capacity along with full-range capabilities including development, product, quality control testing, and packaging. We hold DEA manufacturing and analytical licenses, and maintain storage and use of Schedule II through IV controlled substances.

Take the Next Step

For more detailed information on our intellectual property portfolio, specific development strategies and partnering opportunities, please contact Neos Business Development at BD@neostx.com.